The best app for tracking your BP

The BPMonitor keeps track of your important health stats, right on your iPhone or iPod touch. It is one of the best health tracking apps, with features hard to find anywhere else.


Key Features

  • Ease-to-use interface to record your blood pressure, weight and heart rate

  • Track multiple people; one program for your entire family

  • Graphical charts for visual trend and warning

  • Stats table with average values for the past days, weeks and months

  • Data export through email in multiple formats and date ranges

  • Exporting readings, stats and charts in the same email

  • Data import through iTunes file sharing

  • Build-in reminder function to help you never miss a BP checkup point

  • US and international weight unit support

People are Talking

Good app!

EASE TO USE APP. One of the things I like is that it can track data for multiple people.


BP Monitor

GREAT APP for tracking blood pressure and weight. Graph is a bonus.

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